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Printer Memory Upgrades - Research and Buy Printer Memory online for your Printer

For all brands of printer memory including  IBM Printer memory, Epson Printer memory,  Xerox printer memory, Lexmark printers, Panasonic printers, Tektronix Printers and many other LaserJet and inkjet printer's memory upgrade.

Adding more memory to your printer may help it print faster and handle more complex documents.

Upgrade your printer memory for faster printing

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HP Printer Memory, Ram Memory upgrade for laserjet printer

Step 1: Opening the Printer Applet

Printer memory upgrade hp ibm compaq lexmark ram module installation

Click Start, Settings, and choose Printers. Right-click the printer that you would like to configure and choose Properties. The printer properties dialog box will open.

Step 2: Set the Printer Memory

setting ram for printers

Click the Device Options tab. If your printer has an IEEE 1284-compliant parallel cable, your printer may have reported the memory information to Windows 98. If the printer memory field is unavailable, your printer does not support this feature.

Step 3: Setting the Memory

setting the printer memory

If you have added memory to your printer, and the changes are not reflected on the Device Options tab, click the printer memory drop-down list and choose the total amount memory in your printer. Choose OK to confirm these settings.

Step 4: Close the Printers Folder

close the printers folder after setting the right amount of ram

After successfully setting the memory, close the printers folder by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

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